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Dangerous Roads in Phoenix

dangerous roads in phoenix

While it is impossible to predict exactly when and where a car accident will occur, there are certain roads and intersections in Phoenix that are more prone to motor vehicle accidents. Generally, roadways with the highest traffic volumes will experience the most collisions - however, car accidents can also happen in busy intersections, on highways and on rural roads, as well.

It is important for Phoenix drivers to be aware of the most dangerous roads in order to exercise extra caution while behind the wheel.

Dangerous Intersections, Roads and Highways in Phoenix

Every year, a majority of Arizona car accidents happen at busy intersections. According to a high rate of collision at these locations, some of the most dangerous intersections in Phoenix include the following:

For more information on dangerous Phoenix intersections, view the Street Transportation Department’s Phoenix Traffic Collision Summary.

Car accidents are just as likely to happen on rural roads as they are at busy intersections. According to a report conducted by TRIP, a national transportation research group, in 2009, there were 807 traffic fatalities in Arizona.

Out of that number, 314 of those accidents happened on rural roads.

Due to the high speeds of vehicles involved, car crashes on Arizona highways usually result in serious and debilitating injuries.  Some of the more dangerous highways and state routes in Phoenix include:

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Being a defensive driver is the best way to avoid an Arizona car accident. Part of being a defensive driver is awareness of dangerous roadways. Whether it is a busy intersection, a rural road or a highway, knowing of and anticipating driving hazards is the best way to stay safe on Phoenix roads. 

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on a dangerous Arizona road, you may have legal recourse. With the help and guidance of an experienced Phoenix auto accident attorney, YOU may be eligible to recover losses from medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages related to your accident. 

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